Fact Sheet

1 Fred DeLuca co-founded the SUBWAY® brand in Connecticut, USA, in 1965.

2 The SUBWAY® Low Fat Range of Subs is popular with customers all around the world. Around four in ten Subs sold in the UK and Ireland are Low Fat. Each Low Fat Sub delivers less than 5g of fat and under 370 calories.

3 Globally there are more than 37,000 SUBWAY® stores in 100 countries from Afghanistan to Zambia. All stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees. The UK is the largest market outside North America.

4 The SUBWAY® brand has endorsed all four of the UK Government’s Responsibility Pledges, committing to reduce salt, eliminate trans fats, display nutritional information on menu boards and cut calories across the product range.

5 Since the launch of SUBCARD®, the SUBWAY® brand’s loyalty programme, 5.5 million customers have activated their account. SUBCARD® customers are rewarded with loyalty points for all purchases made across the 1400 SUBWAY® stores in the UK & Ireland.

6 Together with Heart Research UK, the SUBWAY® brand has raised £300,000 for the Healthy Heart Grants scheme, awarding grants to organisations across the UK committed to improving heart health.